BlossoMÉ A Women’s Balance Formula

This women’s supplement was formulated to balance your hormones and improve your weight management & complexion.

When you blossom, you’re at your healthiest. Our new product BlossoMÉ is designed to help you blossom into the best version of yourself.

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BlossoMÉ supports your body and keeps you feeling your best. BlossoMÉ works to help you stay balanced, to feel good, and to look great.

It’s packed with all-natural ingredients that can help you make the day’s tough decisions.

We’ve included:

  • Ganoderma Lucidum (red reishi mushroom)
  • Black Cohosh
  • Maca Root

Each of these ingredients has been used in traditional medicine for years, but now they’re available together in one easy-to-take supplement.

Get started with BlossoMÉ today and start reaching your physical and emotional peak!

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A product made specifically for women. 

Made with a blend of all-natural ingredients to support healthy hormone levels, promote a healthy appetite, and leave you feeling ready for the world! 

Of these ingredients, we’ve included: Red Reishi Mushroom, Black Cohosh, and Maca Root. All of which have been used in traditional medicine for years, but now placed together in an easy-to-take supplement for you to reap their benefits!

Take a look for yourself and discover all the benefits BlossoMĖ has in store for you.



Helps to regenerate white and red blood cells. It can also prevent malformations of neural tubes in an infant’s development in the womb.


Acts like estrogen in the body.


May help reduce hunger and cravings.

Black Cohosh

Controls symptoms of menopause, such as headaches, hot flashes, mood changes, sleep problems, night sweats, aginal dryness.

Inositol Hexaphosphate

Boosts the immune system.

Korean Ginseng

Has an invigorating effect, reduces inflammation, improves brain function, boosts the immune system, helps increase energy levels.

Reishi Mushroom

Boosts the immune system, alters inflammation pathways in white blood cells, increases the activity of natural killer cells (which fight infections), fights fatigue.

Reishi also is an antioxidant that helps prevent damage to cells.

Ashwagandha Root

This root is an adaptogen, which helps your body manage stress. It reduces cortisol, boosts brain function, helps elevate your mood. It may also help reduce inflammation and boost the activity of natural killer cells, which are immune cells that fight infection.

The root helps heart health and also improves brain function and memory.

Maca Root

Increases libido, helps relieve symptoms of menopause, improve your mood, increases energy levels, learning and memory

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Found naturally in the human body (made inside the mitochondria), it reduces inflammation, slows skin aging, improves nerve function, helps with weight loss by reducing the activity of the enzyme AMPK which increases the feeling of hunger.

APA also slows memory loss by neutralizing free radicals and suppressing inflammation.

CranRich PAC

Helps to prevent E.Coli bacteria from attaching to the lining of the bladder. Cranberries contain antioxidants that protect your body from damage from free radicals, also can boost your immune system.


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Where to buy BlossoMé TLC

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This product supports a healthy lifestyle. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary based on diet and exercise. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a specific or particular result, and you accept the risk that results differ for each individual.

Health, fitness, and nutrition success depends on each individual’s background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Always consult your healthcare professional before consuming any dietary supplement.

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